About us

Welcome to Hypnotic Escape Rooms, where perfection is our mantra. With a legacy of crafting hundreds of escape rooms worldwide, we redefine the experience by seamlessly blending immersive set design, cutting-edge puzzles, and captivating narratives. Join us on a journey where every detail matters, every challenge sparks excitement, and every story leaves you wanting more.

About us


Our ultimate goal is to deliver perfection to our valued customers and to achieve this, we embarked on a journey to conceptualize the essence of a flawless escape room experience.

By meticulously analyzing our extensive collection of escape room memories, our visionaries at Hypnotic Escape Rooms in Van Nuys, CA, realized that true perfection lay in transforming the escape room into an immersive adventure.

This led us to establish three fundamental parameters that define perfection in their escape rooms:

1. Set Design

If you represent HOLLYWOOD, you better become HOLLYWOOD!!!

2. Puzzles

TECH, TECH, and more TECH ……… F%$@ locks and keys!!!

3. Story

If you get bored reading the background story, DON’T PLAY THAT GAME!! If a major studio doesn’t want to make a multi-season series on your STORY …. refer back to #1!!!


Our Escapees Are Awesome!